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We understand that recruitment agencies are known for saying that they are different from others.  How they can deliver what others can’t.

We genuinely are and continue to strive to be different and deliver on what we say!

We have worked in our specialist areas.

As part of our ongoing training we all code and actively learn our areas of focus.

As a result, we talk technically to the candidates, therefore filling the roles.

We work in a 21st Century, up to date way.

Meaning, we understand that getting a call in the middle of the day whilst you are coding, is not ideal…

Instead, we work around you as a candidate or a client, on your time, and on your terms.

We are a social media marketing focused recruitment agency. We spend our time carefully building organic, focused audience's that are highly responsive, so you don't have to. By working in a way that suits programmers, in the new technology sector.

We use multiple online platforms to contact and connect with the right talent on their terms, at times that suit them, therefore resulting in a close respectful relationship with the best candidates.

We have a technical understanding of software development. We research the roles, job specs and companies with a technical view. Which ultimately means we fill the roles quicker and with better more qualified candidates.




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Anything that is written in code we are generally excited by!

Code is saving lives, changing how we live, how we interact, how we learn, and generally helping us live better lives.

We are excited to be able to help with this!

Our relationship with Robotech has been critical to our development as a new studio. Tara took the time to invest in us and understand our needs right from the start, providing introductions to several of our foundation team members and continuing to match us with exceptionally relevant candidates time and time again, sometimes helping both parties navigate months of nuanced communication.

James Fortitude Games

Almost 25% of our 18 person studio have come through Robotech and we consider Tara and her team to be an essential partner as we continue to grow. I would recommend Robotech wholeheartedly and without hesitation. They are an exceptional recruitment team.

Mediatonic Games

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Robotech Helps innovative groundbreaking companies, to produce the best products and work, by placing the top programmers on the market.

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