So who are we?

We are a passionate, group of techies who love what we do! We love all things code, and what it is doing to help people not only live better lives but also is saving them!

We have a marketing, social media, focus.

We know how important it is to be in front of the right candidates, at the right time.

We use our followers, connections and our unique way of working to close the gap between you and the candidate.

We have a headhunting approach included in our standard service.

We are able to do this due to us being knowledgable about our areas of focus and code, the way we work, and actively being able to talk to and get the attention of the best candidates.

We look forward to helping you build the new technology revolution!

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Working with Tara at Robotech has been a refreshing change, compared to past recruiters, she got the job done quickly and efficiently without any disruption, only receiving highly relevant CV'S and nothing else.

Sameer FitXR

Robotech has worked with us to fill our most difficult roles, the roles had been open for a year Plus, and these guys were able to provide candidates that we hadn't seen before, and therefore reduced alot of pressure on our programming team.

James - Fortitude Games

We work in an industry-relevant, 21st Century up to date way.

We actively learn to code in our specialist areas as ongoing training!

We look forward to helping you build the New Technology Revolution!

We love code and are passionate about how technology is helping us live better lives! We are excited about helping companies to do this, by solving their recruitment needs and placing highly talented programmers.

Go to our Expertise page to see our specialist areas, open job roles, and how we can help you scale your programming teams!