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For the Client, The way this works is exactly the same as it would be when we introduce a candidate to a client, except we will search for the specific co-dev studio that fits your requirements, reach out and make the connection. If you decide to work with one of our introduced studios then we invoice for a fee.

We have been working and growing relationships across game development for 7 years, working mainly with co-dev studios, placing specialist roles mainly surrounding Ue4, and more recently Ue5. We have over 20k connections of decision makers in the UK, Ireland, Europe, the US, Canada and Singapore, all who are always saying can we connect them with other studios… Here is where  Robotech Co-developer Connect was born.

Over the last 6 months we have successfully matched 7 studios on new projects, some with more specific requirements around UI, some with more of a generalist Ue4 focus, some with a mobile focus, some with a AAA console focus.

We can match any studio to co-developer studios based on any skillset, due to us having the complete knowledge of game development from start to finish, so the most specific requirements for a co-dev studio we can find!

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We have a strong list of over 1000 co-dev studios who are specialists in; Ue4, Unity programming, Game Art, Game Design, Game UI (Programming/Design/Art). Game AI, and all specialist areas related.

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How it works... 1, lets have an initial call to discuss what you are looking for, and your search and conversations up to now. 2. Lets have a discovery chat, you layout the perfect co dev studio f

Get Intouch for a non obligatory chat about how this works and if its a fit for you!

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