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Tax Considerations

Contractors are responsible for their own tax, which means you don’t have to pay employment tax, social security tax (FICA), or unemployment tax. You also save time having to calculate tax on their paycheck. You only pay contractors the flat amount they charge, which is considerably easier to handle.

Provides more flexibility

All businesses have peaks and troughs. One month they’re flush with work, the next there’s nothing happening. This means that your employees are either working round the clock or twiddling their thumbs.

If you hire contract employees, you can scale your workforce up and down according to your workload. It’s also easier if you decide to follow the contract-to-hire model and recruit one of your freelancers as a full-time employee. You know and like them, they’ve proven their skills, and they are familiar with your business.

Saves time in hiring.

Another area where you can save time is in the hiring process. Recruiting a full-time employee takes a long time. You have to post a job ad, source candidates, screen and interview them, and then wait while they serve their notice. In contrast, you can hire a contract worker within days, especially if you already have some contacts or people who have worked for you before.

We currently manage over 300 contractors and have done for 5 years. We have built up a unique highly talented database of contractors across all of our specialist areas.

From highly needed 1 in a million skillset contractors that can work on an project based hourly rate, to long term FTC contractors.

We are set up to manage all types of contractors who work in anyway that you and they need, and we will manage the process for you, or work on a fixed fee basis, whatever works best.

We support;

  • PAYE
  • Umbrella
  • LTD

We have a PSL of preferred Umbrella companies that we work have worked with for years who are excellent.

We have a full payroll team that manage the full payment process, and also a contractor desk, so you know they will be looked after.

We also are able to to support contractors in every country in the world, due to us being partnered with a large entity, meaning we have entities globally.

We are highly knowledgeable around this area, so if you aren’t 100% on how hiring a freelancer/contractor will work, we are happy to help and advise you on the process.

See our contarctor terms here.

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