Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines. It has become an essential part of the technology industry, and the most exciting!

After remaining somewhat stagnant for decades, artificial intelligence (AI) is going through a period of powerful acceleration. With demand for AI skills more than doubling in recent years, a career in AI has become a highly attractive option for people with interest in data science and software engineering.

We provide programmers in AI programming roles surrounding;

Java, Python, Lisp, Prolog, and C++.

We also place and have a strong list of AI, ML Algorithm developers surrounding NLP, ROS.

We work with innovating and ground breaking companies globally who are pushing the boundaries of AI Development.

If you are looking to fill a specialist AI programming role, get in touch with us, with have candidates to send you!


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Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a much more recent area which has taken shape since 2006. ML is all about using something called Multi Layered Neuro Networks. A huge impact of AI has been occurring in ML. For all of these terms there are mathematical tools.

We cover all low-level Machine Learning Development roles surrounding;

R, Python, C++, Javascript, Java, C#, Julia, Scala.

With a specialist focus on algorithm development roles.

We work with companies in Data, humanoid Robotics, SaaS, Chatbot Development.

Latest AI, ML and DL Jobs

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Roles for other sectors

Although we have very specific areas of focus within new technology development, we can help with other roles within these sectors and others for our clients, as we have the knowledge and skillset to research, and understand all candidates and clients. We love a challenge!