Virtual Reality is an artificial environment presented to the user in such a way that the user experiences a real environment. It is created through a software. We can experience virtual reality through sight and sound.

Augmented reality enables app developers and businesses to overlay digital data on top of real-world objects.

Augmented reality, although in its infancy, is already making huge waves across the mobile app technology landscape and is already starting to prove a disruptive force across diverse industry sectors from finance and retail, to travel and fashion.​

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Augmented reality is largely viewed as an extension of existing technologies, which is useful in terms of consumer adoption as anyone with a smartphone or device that includes in built video capability can access and utilise the technology.

We work with companies in various fields such as military, healthcare, fashion, business, sport, education, scientific Visualization, Heritage, Engineering, Telecommunications, Film, Media etc.

Mainly covering C++ low-level Unity and Ue4 roles, also closely working on graphics programming, platform development, engine development, animation programming, shader development, and all roles related.

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Roles for other sectors

Although we have very specific areas of focus within new technology development, we can help with other roles within these sectors and others for our clients, as we have the knowledge and skillset to research, and understand all candidates and clients. We love a challenge!