UI Technician – AAA Game Titles

Job Specification

This studio is the most recent member of the award-winning Game developer family. They’re one of their seven-game development studios located across the UK and India and they have an immediate goal of building an industry-leading team here in Royal Leamington Spa.

Managed by industry veterans with ground-breaking titles under their belts, the studio needs to hire the right colleagues to meet our exciting objectives.


Within this role, you will:

Work with the lead artist and programmers to implement, structure and maintain the games front-end and user interfaces.

Help develop scripts, maintain data structures, structure string tables and asset libraries to maximise production support and project infrastructure.

Profile and optimise the user-interface to help improve performance

Create animations and FX for use in the games UI.

Collaborate closely with UX and UI team members to iterate and consider the gameplay implications of the design and the overall player experience.



Knowledge of Unity game engine.

Fastidious attention to detail in order to push the visual and technical barriers further.

Basic understanding of 3D and 2D packages highly advantageous.

Illustration skills to help develop UI assets when required.

High degree in confidence in layout theory using anchor points, slicing and scaling, aspect ratios, layering and data-driven design.

Knowledge in node-based logic systems such as Shadergraphs, Kismet / Blueprints.

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