Gameplay Designer Role

Job Specification

The studio since its inception this studio has built an enviable reputation for making critically acclaimed games. Over the last 20 years, the studio has helped shape the social simulation games genre. More recently working on their own Shooter Title. This studio has earned recognition from its peers and players.

We are looking for a senior gameplay designer with experience and intimate knowledge of FPS/TPS/Action games to help take the moment to moment core gameplay of our sci fi looter shooter to the next level.

Required skills and experience:
● You have held a senior designer position for at least 3 years
(FPS/TPS/Action) Game experience.
● You are comfortable reviewing all parts of the game and offering constructive criticism to raise the quality bar
● You have extensive knowledge and experience working with and balancing attribute values for all gameplay components,including enemies and intractable/destructible props
● You have extensive knowledge and experience working with and balancing player character attribute values such as walk/run speeds, jump/flight speeds and distances, special ability power levels and cool downs etc.
● You have a very good understanding of balancing a game for a wide player base that includes casual players that require an easily accessible game with instant/quick gratification.

This studio is located in Milton Keynes UK but is fully remote, and can be a contract role.​

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