Graphics Programmer – Computer Vision – XR

Job Specification


Computer Vision and Graphics Engineering Researcher

This studio is a construction tech start-up based in London and is currently looking for a talented full-time Software Engineer with experience in computer vision and graphics.


  •   Playing a valuable part in revolutionising the industry
  •   Competitive Salary + Stock Options
  •   Loads of Perks available through our Employee Perkbox
  •   Free refreshments and fruit
  •   25 days paid holiday plus bank holidays
  •   Great Location, Easily Accessible
  •   Modern friendly environment
  •   Start-up cultureResponsibilities

This studio are currently working on an exciting project developing the world’s first AR HMD for

Construction that can eliminate 2D plans. This allows builders, for the first time, to walk on site and

use AR/3D models to construct from start to finish.

The role will entail designing and developing state-of-the-art computer vision solutions for

augmented reality computer graphics, calibration, tracking, and rendering optimisation.

  •   Develop and research computer graphics and vision development for Augmented Reality using a variety of sensors.
  •   Plan and execute cutting-edge development to advance the state of the art in machine perception, mapping, reconstruction and localization, as well as 3D scene understanding across optical/inertial sensing systems
  •   Work with the team design, setup, and run practical experiments and prototype systems related to large-scale long-duration sensing and machine reasoning
  •   Work with other engineers to integrate development and research into the releasable products

Minimum Qualification

  •   Has a computer science (or related) degree to a masters level and preferebbly a PhD
  •   Experience with real-world system building and data collection, including design, coding (C++,Python, and C#)
  •   Education in the following fields: Computer Vision, Mathmatical Computer Graphics, low-levelrendering, Mapping & Localization, Physics-based models, or a related field
  •   Hands-on experience implementing computer vision algorithms such as mathematicalcomputer graphics, Sensor Fusion, Mapping, Localization, and GPU rendering.
  •   Knowledge of virtual camera calibrations involving intrinsic and extrinsic parameters usingalgorithms such as single point active alignment method.
  •   Interpersonal experience: cross-group and cross-culture collaboration
  •   Must obtain work authorisation in country of employment at the time of hire, and maintainongoing work authorisation during employment
  •   Experience developing or working with Augmented and Virtual reality applications in Unity 3D
  •   Experience using OpenCV, OpenGL, & Matlab

Preferred Qualification

  •   PhD in Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, or related subject.
  •   Experience with designing (products or open-source) software for inertial/optical sensingdevices
  •   Experience in real-time computer graphics and modern GPU programming (OpenGL, OpenCL,OpenCV)
  •   Computer Vision, computer graphics, tracking, and mapping for Augmented Reality.
  •   Virtual camera modelling and calibration


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