Graphics Programmer

Job Specification

This is an opportunity to join a dynamic studio with a focus on technical excellence and exciting projects to create great AAA Console games efficiently with best-in-class technology in a culture of collaboration and excellence with good work-life balance.

The Senior Graphics Engineer will be working on their in-house tech/project as well as contracts where and when needed.

Responsibilities will include:
Take ownership of the engineering side of the rendering of a AAA title, that means framerate, delivering visual aesthetic, smoothing out glitches and errors related to any part of the graphics pipeline
Innovate creative tools and processes, and maintaining existing core technologies

C++ experience (5+ years)
Experience in real-time game content pipeline and tools
Strong graphics programming skills, background in rendering & shader algorithms, linear algebra, trigonometry & calculus
Ability to debug, profile, and analyze profiling data and perform GPU optimization.
Proficient with writing vertex, pixel, and compute shaders using HLSL or equivalent.
DirectX 12 experience – bindless textures etc.
Experience with HDR, PBR, and both forward+ & deferred rendering.

As an advantage;
Cg, MEL, Python, GLSL and/or C#
DirectCompute, DirectX Raytracing
Familiar with node-based material graphs
Experience developing for a wide range of PC hardware and console platforms
Have UE4 Rendering and Graphics Expertise – (A bonus).

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