R&D Engineer – Machine Learning – XP

Job Specification

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The studio;
Cutting-Edge Advancement of Core Deep Learning Methods
Commercial Applications in Multi-spectral Imaging at the Edge
Revolutionary Hardware and Neural Network Architectures
Reports to VP of Engineering, Machine Learning

“We enhance the sound experiences in more than 2.5 billion devices. We provide essential imaging technology in over 2.9 billion cameras and smartphones. The solutions and technologies we invented earned a place in more than 95% of the world’s smartphones”.

Job Description
Fulfil a technical role in cutting-edge AI and ML research and development, including novel methods for network design and optimization.
Apply ML to real-world imaging problems selecting, optimizing, and deploying neural networks across a wide range of use cases, including advanced imaging.
Develop cutting-edge AI and ML technologies for generic and highly-specialized, advanced ML accelerators

Direct, and productive experience in the development and productization of AI/ML
Familiarity with state-of-the-art ML, conversant in the latest ML developments, neural network architectures.
Solid C/C++ and Python.
Proficiency with deep learning development tools such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, Caffe
Advanced knowledge and expertise in image sensing, processing, analytics a display, autonomous driving,
Interest in machine learning, neural networks, information theory, statistics and probability, modelling and optimization

Located in Galway in Ireland, this studio offers full relocation package and highly competitive salaries.

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