R&D Engineer Role – XP

Job Specification

R&D Engineer – 3D Computer Vision

As consumers continue to use technology to experience the world in new and exciting ways, will continue to be right there. Through its innovative technologies and solutions in Audio, Imaging, Machine Learning and Semiconductors, enables experiences that are intuitive, personal and accessible everywhere.

Job Description
This studio is looking to recruit a 3D computer vision R&D engineer to join our Image Understanding team in Galway Ireland. Our team develops the next generation of algorithms for object detection, classification, segmentation and recognition in 2D and 3D images for multiple markets.
As part of the team you will be involved in all steps of creating a product from initial concept to final product delivery.


  • Research and develop next generation of algorithms in the area of 3D data processing, biometrics and others.
  • Drive technology development from initial concept, implementation, validation and release.
  • Work very closely with the project team and other stake holders
  • Keep up to date with latest advances in relevant areas in industry and academia.
  • Contribute to the IP portfolio of the company.

Our ideal candidate would:

  • Be ambitious, talented and self driven
  • Be motivated and passionate by challenging and solving technical problems
  • Have good communication and team working skills
  • Have solid knowledge of 3D data processing, visualization, reconstruction and rendering
  • Have good knowledge about image processing theory and apply it into practise
  • Have good practical knowledge about DeepLearning and its practical applications
  • Have knowledge about Biometric applications

Additional Skills/Qualifications

  • MSc degree in a relevant field or relevant industry experience. PhD in related areas (imaging, biometrics or 3D data processing) is a plus
  • Proven record of technology development in any related field (ideally, but not necessarily related to imaging, biometrics or 3D data processing)
  • Software development experience, especially with native C and Python
  • Experience with any of the deep learning development tools such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, Caffe
  • Experience working in Agile environments is a plus

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