Senior Streamer and Tools Software Engineer

Job Specification

This studio is set to change the world of interactive entertainment forever.

“We believe cloud gaming will unlock a new wave of games, applications, and entertainment never before seen and all in an instant, at the highest frame rate in glorious HD. We just have to reinvent how the internet works first, luckily we’ve figured out that bit”.


Core responsibilities:

Trusted to own the requirements and implementation of our desktop streamer client applications.

Working as part of our product and engineering teams.

Implement clean and solid code with a good user interaction interface, error handling, performance, and stability that can work reliably across a wide range of client PC environments.

Define and own work to bring client functionality to multiple platforms, as required by our Product team.



Good experience with Windows Desktop Application development experience, using C/C++.

Good working knowledge of at least one Windows desktop UI framework and technology, such as WPF, Qt, GDI, SDL2, etc.

Working experience using VisualStudio environment and toolchain.

Working experience developing multi-threaded Windows Desktop Applications.

Working knowledge of Git (or other version control system).

The experience we’d be impressed with;

Writing software installers for Windows.

Direct2D, Direct3D, Rust and Vulkan graphics APIs

Non-Windows platforms, in particular, OSX.

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