Senior Ue4 Generalist – Revolutionary Tech.

Job Specification

“This studio is set to change the world of streamed interactive 3D content forever. ”

“This studios breakthrough technology enables you to create in-game spectators without your audience having to install the game, bringing fresh interactive experiences to players and viewers alike”.

Our technical product requires a mature and elegant approach that comes with domain expertise in multiple areas, such as good and pragmatic use of C/C++, and a healthy understanding and appreciation for optimisation and performance.

Has worked as an engineer on production teams developing software with the UE4 engine for multiple platforms including Mobile.

Has worked in the code base at the C++ level to develop and improve features for the target applications.

Is familiar with the interplay between code and scripting (such as blueprints), and art assets.

Has worked with other 3D interactive engines written in C or C++.

Has worked with cross disciplinary teams developing 3D interactive content.

Excellent C++ skills relevant to the use of C++ for 3D interactive application development.

Experience with tools and tool chains used for production of 3D Interactive applications such as the UE4 engine and the pipelines required to develop, build, and test production software.

Experience with profiling and performance analysis of C++ code bases.

Game team or application team experience and exposure to other disciplines such as art, game play, and release management.



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