UI Artist Role

Job Specification


Key Responsibilities:

• Work alongside the lead artist and designer to create UI concepts.

• Design and generate polished assets and user interfaces, maintaining visual consistency throughout the project.

• Research and solve any UI barriers for players through iteration based on internal feedback.

Essential Skills:

• 2+ years experience of working in games.

• Ability to provide and accept constructive feedback and iterating on designs.

• Drive and passion for creating great user experiences and appealing visual design.

• The ability to implement and animate UI assets in engine.

• Proficient with design tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

• Strong graphic design skills.

• An excellent understanding of typography, composition, colour theory, visual design and interaction design.

Desirable Skills:

• Knowledge of UE4, ideally having shipped titles in it.

• Demonstrate a good understanding of UX design for console and PC via screen flow diagrams or UI wireframes.

• Experience in After Effects, 3D rendering software (e.g. 3ds Max), Flash or other motion graphics software.

• Understanding of technical art constraints and optimisation.

• Adaptable art style.​

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