We work in a simple contingency way..

Meaning you on pay us a fee once we have found you someone you want to higher. This takes the pressure off you, as there is no fee until we actually deliver.

We work at 15-20% across all permanent roles (Based on the candidates 1st year salary only). We are happy to discuss fees to suit you if needed.

£0-50k salaried roles – 15%
£50-100k salaried roles – 18%
£100-200k salaried roles – 20%
With a solid 3 month rebate period

See our terms here – Our fees and Terms​

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How we work!

We work in a simple contingency way meaning nothing is paid upfront, and we will only require a fee if we find some one that you want to higher.
  • All candidates we send you builds into a database that you can use if not relevant now. (We have ownership over them for 12 months) after this they are yours!
  • No upfront fee, so no real commitment until we find someone.
  • We are a small agency of 3, meaning we like to pick studios we want to work with, (normally studios at the cutting edge of tech doing exciting things) to work with SME’s meaning you will get our full attention from the go!
  • We are happy to find someone before you sign the terms (as we appreciate you probably get contacted a lot, we are happy to show you that we can supply before you signing).
  • We are easy to work with, we will send candidates full CV’s to you on an email with all details surrounding them (no doctored CV’s) we upfront and we like to build relationships based on trust.
  • We will work around you and how you like to work. Meaning if you want to contact candidates throughout the process that’s fine, or if you would like us to assist we will work how you want to work.
  • We will advise you on salaries and the current market surrounding you roles and salaries etc. (a consultative approach if you would like)