We work in the below ways;



The highly cyclical nature of software development work means that freelancing is an elegant solution for both studios and individuals.

It’s an ideal option for studios who need additional quick resource – but on a short to medium term; it also suits individuals who are keen to work across a variety of projects and different game styles.

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Contingency Permanent

We fill the harder to fill roles across many industries, if you have multiple Senior or Lead roles open that you need help filling, we cover these.

We work on a contingency basis, with our well practised research based way of working we fill technical roles quickly and efficiently.

We also understand that recruitment is expensive! We have access to basically every single candidate nowadays, and we can fill these roles quickly and efficiently and we only require 12%, so you get a specialist with out the high price tag.

50k-100k salaries roles - 10%
100-200k - salaried roles - 15%

With a 3 month rebate.


Retained Search

Retained search is highly valuable if;

1. You need a role filled quickly.
2. You have a role that has been open for a long time.
3. Your PSL isn't working for a specific role and you need a more headhunting approach.
4. The role is outside your current network knowledge.
5. You have a role with very specific unique technical requirements.
6. You are looking for a specific person from a specific company.

Retained is based on the same fee basis as a normal contingency but it is simply split over 3 payments.
We fill retained roles between 2-6 weeks on average.