Game Development Jobs

Our work in Game Development

Game Development has been one of our core focuses, as a lover of all things games and games development.

Working with 100’s of studios globally.

Specialising in programming roles particularly but covering all roles such as;

Leads and seniors in mainly Unity and Ue4,Ue5 engine based.

Clients we have worked;

  • Guerrilla Games

  • Sumo Digital

  • Build A Rocket Boy

  • DR Studios

  • Nequinox

  • Vertigo Games

  • Activision/King

  • Virtuos

  • Playtika

  • Avalanche

  • Frontier Developments

  • SEGA Hardlight

  • The Breach Studios

  • Saber Interactive

  • IO interactive

  • Dont Nod

  • Redhill Games

  • That Gaming Company

  • Third Kind Games

We cover all roles surrounding Game development at a competitive 15%

We have over 6000 game developers on our database, located throughout the UK, Europe, the US, Canada and Singapore.

Get intouch if you are looking for a role or you need help with filling any roles in this area.

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Our work in Immersive Development

We have worked with multiple founders, and teams scaling their teams from initial highers to scaling large teams within VR, AR Development.

Companies we have placed at;

  • Immersive VR Education

  • Vector suite

  • XYZ Reality

  • FitXR

  • Reach Robotics

  • Holome

  • Vertigo Games



  • Immotion Group

  • Inova Medical

  • Oxford Medical Realities

  • Masters of Pie

300 placements in this area.

Mainly surrounding initial Lead highers.

See our current VR roles here – VR,AR,MR Jobs

AI,ML,DL and Computer Vision Roles

Our work in AI Development

We have worked with multiple cutting edge companies who are developing some of the most cutting edge technology a few companies we have worked below;


  • Emotech

  • Reach Robotics

  • Comply Advantage


  • Kalamtech

  • Yondr

  • Xploro

At Xploro we placed their crucial AI algorithm (NLP) engineer who went on to write their brand new patented algorthum that revolutionised their product.

At Emotech we placed multiple ML researchers, Engineers, and Robotics Engineers, working on their AI Robot friend.

AT Kalamtech we placed an initial robotics engineer for their robotic arm project.

At ComplyAdvantacge we place ML, Data analysists focusing on Big Data.

We cover all roles in this area, and have a strong database of some of the best hands on AI, ML, and computer vision focused candidates who are eagerly waiting for us to go to them with new roles!

See our current AI,ML jobs here – AI, ML, DL, Computer Vision roles

Web Development Software Jobs

Product and Web Development Software Roles

A big focus for us at Robotech is in Web Development.

We cover Front End, Back End and Full-stack roles globally.

Specialist skillsets

  • WebGL

  • Typescript

  • Web3

  • Ruby

  • Java

  • Kotlin

  • React

  • PHP

(And of course the HTML stack)

Recently placed a Principal Wegl, React Full-stack developer at in Denmark.

We have a very strong list of web based programmers on our database who are located in the UK, EU and the US who are always interested in hearing from us about new roles! Get intouch!

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Financial Services Software Engineering Jobs

Fintech Jobs

We cover all software engineering roles across Fintech.

Such as;

  • Investment banking (‘Quant’) Engineers
  • Platform Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • QA
  • Full-stack/Front-end
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Analysts

And all roles related.

We have candidates who are looking on our database form JP Morgan, Citi, Bloomberg and many more.